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ChiaTalks was created by Chia Vang, an expert Realtor in the Sacramento area. It was created to be an educational resource for anyone in the Hmong community who has ever dreamed of buying or selling a home. Have you ever wondered if you have to have the “perfect credit score,” or how much of a down payment is necessary to get the ball rolling?

ChiaTalks is here to answer all of your questions and to bridge the gap of turning your dreams into a reality. There is no catch, I am simply here to assist you with the process and to assure you that buying and selling homes is a goal that can be reached and it is not that hard.

Helping You Achieve success

I want to help people become homeowners and solve problems in their everyday life. With a wide range of topics such as dealing lenders, repairs or even changes in your credit score, I created this free platform to give you the tools to make a better life for you and your family.

Xov Tooj Cua Recap
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Anybody can become a homeowner. I’ve helped so many people accomplish this goal and I am happy to say that it is possible.

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